The Parenting Framework with Dr. Tracy Wilson

In this episode, we discuss about:

  • The foundation of parent and child relationship
  • Wilson’s helpful approaches and strategies
  • Process for dads based on foundational principles. 
  • What exactly does Dr. Wilson educate Dads with
  • Where should parents focus
  • Dr. Wilson's fear with raising daughters


In this episode, we talk about parenthood with Dr. Tracy Wilson, an Author, Dad, Chiropractor, Speaker, Educator, Founder of The Dad Forge Podcast. Discover Wilson’s helpful approaches and strategies that will open your eyes to a new perspective and heartwarming inspiration of being a great DAD.

Joining the parent club can really feel like riding in a fast upside-down roller coaster alone, no manual on how to maneuver things but no one knows better than Wilson himself who formed a process for dads based on foundational principles.


“Rules without relationship equals rebellion "

If you just have rules with your kids, and there's not that relationship, they'll just rebel

“Relationship is so much more important than anything else

If you tell your kids, I love you and I love you unconditionally, in the teenage years, they'll test that they’ll find out. Now do something...that’s one of those things that we discovered.

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