The Start Of Happy Healthy with Dr. Rob Vasquez

In this episode, we discuss about:

  • Bas’ workout routine
  • The number of surgeries Bas went through
  • Mental transition from athlete to injury
  • The bare knuckle
  • How Bas got to where he is today
  • The amount of work behind a few minutes of fame
  • Advice Bas would give to his 20-25 year old self
  • Struggling to mimic success
  • The importance of consistency
  • What keeps Bas going
  • Putting the time in


Today I am having a conversation with Bas Rutten, Dutch actor and retired mixed martial artist, kickboxer and professional wrestler. Bas came to America in 1997, 21 years ago when he was in his early 30s. At the time he was still fighting, but also began taking acting classes. Bas played in The Kingdom of Ultimate Power and Here Comes the Boom.

As a kid, Bas was instilled with a very strong work ethic. In his early teens he was working five jobs and working for everything he had. He attributes a great portion of his drive and confidence in his ability to be successful to the work ethic that was instilled in him. Bas has a genuine passion for people and truly enjoys working with people, which makes it easier for him to be successful, do new things and interact with people.

Bas and I talk about a variety of things during this episode, including the various surgeries Bas endured, his workout routing and how it has evolved, his journey to where he is to day and what motivates and drives Bas.


“Every punch is to kill”

“The best life hack of all is just to put the work in and never give up.”

“If you want to change your life – you hold all the cards – you’re going to have to change it.”

“If you don’t shoot, you’ll always miss.”

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