Parenting and the differences in parenting with Jason Richardson

In this episode, we discuss about:

  • What Jason is up to right now
  • Jason’s background and how he got into speaking
  • The transition
  • The role racing played in Jason’s life
  • Lessons Jason has learned from being there to support his kids
  • Parenting and the differences in parenting
  • Having a thing
  • Elements of a mindset that are elevated
  • Letting a fantasy be a fantasy
  • Transitioning away from pain and suffering
  • Redefining what your wins are
  • Letting go of the ego and just being happy
  • What does winning look like in your life?
  • The first three things Jason would do to rebuild your brand

  • Summary:

    Today I am having a conversation with Jason Richardson. Jason was a pro athlete, has an MBA and a doctorate in psychology. Jason is a lot of things and has achieved great success. He isn’t defined by what he does to make money. Learn more about Jason and his climb to success during this episode.

    Jason grew up in New Jersey. His parents were divorced as long as he could remember. He had step parents on both sides. His Dad lived in Las Vegas. Spent most time growing up in New Jersey and then later moved to Las Vegas with his Dad.

    Jason and I talk about a variety of things during this episode, including his background, the decision he made not to quit after getting hurt, lessons he learned throughout his life time and how he got into speaking. We dive into the importance of letting a fantasy be a fantasy. Sometimes you can think about wanting to do something but not actually want it enough to put in the effort and make the sacrifices. If you aren’t willing to put the work in, don’t beat yourself up when you don’t get there or accomplish the goal.


    “I am a world champion pro athlete with an MBA and doctorate in psychology and I’m ruining my kids’ lives too”

    “If some talent is there, it really comes down to a choice.”

    “Save yourself, just save yourself.”

    “There’s going to be pain with whatever you are stretching for.”

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