Times are chaotic and that does not mean you have to participate. You have a foundation and I am willing to support you.

In this episode, we discuss about:

  • What to do when we find ourselves lost
  • The benefits of being with nature
  • The foundation of our values
  • Reminding yourself how beautiful the world is
  • Nothing in life can break you down
  • Being kind to the  people around you.


Join us as we talk about the chaotic world we have right now. Let’s discuss how it affects us emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Life has a lot of challenges to give, but we should never forget that it can help us be a better person. Don’t forget that you can always survive any struggles in life if you think about the right values, your family, friends, and experiences have taught. Despite the chaos, you also have to remind yourself how beautiful the world is.

Nature can heal you, never hesitate to unplug from the hustle and bustle of the city. Spend time with yourself and be kind to the people around you. Everyone has their battle, always choose to be helpful.


“As I finished this meditation, I felt more grounded.”

“Accept how beautiful life is.”

“It is really important that we get back to our foundation.”

“To love yourself unconditionally is to respect yourself to make a choice.”

“Remind yourself daily how beautiful nature and people are.”

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